Lauren Alaina is back and better than ever with her new single "Road Less Traveled" — an anthem encouraging women to stride into the fray with their heads held high and challenge the status quo. The powerful vocalist brought the new song, which she co-wrote with Jesse Frasure and pop star Meghan Trainor, to the Today Show stage on Thursday (Sept. 8).

Alaina definitely had the confidence the song requires and sang its message with conviction and a bit of sass, something the artist is skilled in. The lyrics dare listeners to go boldly forth and be themselves without worrying about being too different, a sentiment Trainor has become known for espousing.

The singer recently released a new self-titled EP on which “Road Less Traveled” appears after taking a break due to vocal surgery to remove polyps. Alaina recently opened up about that time in her life and revealed that she actually struggled with bulimia, which was making the polyps worse. After her doctor told her she would never sing again if she kept making herself throw up, she decided she wanted to be healthier.

“Obviously, singing is the only thing I want to do in life,” she says. “I have no backup plan. People knowing made me not want to do it.”

“Road Less Traveled” was actually inspired by the dark time in her life, and as she continues to fight to think about her body image in a healthy way, she says speaking out about it has helped.

“I was letting someone I was never going to be in the same room with impact my every day happiness,” Alaina says of a blogger who labeled her “Miss Piggy” during her Idol days, something that contributed heavily to her eating disorder. “I still wake up with the uglies and I still have days where I say things to myself that I shouldn’t say. But I feel like speaking out about it has made me want to be healthier.”

Check out Alaina’s flawless performance of the song above.

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