'American Idol' runner up Lauren Alaina says she's been honing her songwriting skills while recording music for her forthcoming debut album. In an interview with Atlanta's Ledger-Enquirer, Alaina says she co-wrote a song that will end up on the finished album when it's available this fall.

"It's called 'The Funny Thing About Love,' and it's an upbeat song," Alaina says. "And it's really funny, it's a song that everyone can relate to." The 16-year-old wrote the song with songwriting veterans Luke Laird and Brett James, and says it doesn't stem from any real-life experience. However, future songs may take the approach that Taylor Swift most recently made famous.

"I'm not shy, and I usually don't do things that I don't want people to know about. Therefore I'm sure at some point I will write about things that have happened in my life," Alaina says.

"I'm really vocal about things that go on in my life, so that's why if I was dating Scotty McCreery I probably would have told everyone. But we're not dating," she adds. Producer Byron Gallimore (Tim McGraw, Faith Hill) is in charge of the project, which includes her debut single 'Like My Mother Does.'

Alaina told USA Today about her mother's reaction to hearing the finished single. "She cried," Alaina says. "I cried the first time I heard it just because my mom went through the whole experience with me and she kind of didn't get any credit for it. Any time I was upset or just wanted to go home, she was always there to give me a hug, and I feel like Scotty and I kind of had that advantage for our mom to be there. Of course at times it can be a bit annoying, because she's always got her opinions but her opinion matters more than anyone."

Alaina is no longer wearing the sparkly boot that protected her sprained ankle. She proudly shows off a pair of cute wedges in the video below and explains that she kicked off the boot long before her doctor recommended to do so.

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