Lauren Alaina got herself in a whole mess of 'Trouble' on tonight's 'American Idol.' For her second song, she chose 'Trouble' by Elvis Presley. Beforehand, she struggled with using the word "evil" in the lyrics, but mentor Lady Gaga reminded Alaina that she is just singing in character for the song and that it's not a reflection of her. It pulled Alaina out of her safe, warm 'n' fuzzy comfort zone. She left the confines of her pop-country box and got down, dirty and bluesy.

It's a sexy song and Alaina worked it with major, major attitude, using her body to make her points along with her voice. She opened the song with her back to the audience and proceeded to stomp all over the stage like it was her b----. And it was. We forgot that Miss Lauren Alaina is all of 16 years old because she acted like a woman during her second song, all the while have a good time. It was refreshing to see her bounce between ballad and uptempo with her performances this evening. She also demonstrated some maturity, as she evolves before our very eyes.

"It was total attack and it was really, really good," said judge Jennifer Lopez.

Watch Lauren Alaina Perform 'Trouble' on 'American Idol'