In just a couple of months, LeAnn Rimes will once again put her acting to the test as she stars in the CMT movie 'Reel Love.' Last week, Rimes saw a sneak peak of the film in its entirety. "I haven’t been acting as long as I’ve been singing, but I’m learning every day," Rimes tells Taste of Country. "I see so much growth that’s happened, even since [my role in] ‘Northern Lights.’"

In 'Reel Love,' Rimes plays the role of the daughter of Burt Reynold's character. Acting alongside such a legendary actor was surreal for Rimes.

"I loved working with him," she gushes. "He played my dad … he was a pain in the butt as my dad in the movie -- not on the set [laughs]. I loved working with him. He’s an icon. It’s funny because I basically shook hands with him, and then started yelling at him because that was our first scene together. After a couple of takes, he was like, 'Good going, kid!' [laughs]. It was just a funny moment: 'Hi, nice to meet you … now I’m going to yell at you!' He always kept me laughing. I love our scenes together."

"It's a total family movie and a very sweet film," Rimes says of 'Reel Love.' "It’s definitely targeted toward that CMT audience. I’m real proud of it!"

Now that the filming and production of 'Reel Love' has come to an end, Rimes is eying future roles, which could even consist of acting next to her handsome husband, Eddie Cibrian, in his new television series 'The Playboy Club.'

"It’s something we’ve talked about since the very beginning [of the show]," Rimes reveals. "They’re bringing artists on to sing as different artists of that era and recreate that, and I’m developing my acting career. They obviously want me to sing on the show, but [to] bring me in as something a little bit different. We’ll see what happens. If we can figure it out, it will definitely happen. It would be a lot of fun. I would love to do it."

Look for 'Reel Love' to premiere on CMT in November. On Tuesday, September 27, Rimes' new album, 'Lady and Gentlemen,' will hit stores. The album features several classic country songs made famous by legendary male singers that Rimes put a twist on with her voice and style. The album also will feature last year's Top 30 hit 'Crazy Women,' a remake of her 1996 smash 'Blue,' and her current single, 'Give.'