Much fuss has been made about LeAnn Rimes and her Twitter pictures of her bikini body. Many have reacted to Rimes' physique, questioning her health and accusing her of having an eating disorder while the singer has vehemently defended herself, saying she has no body issues and that she is just in pretty terrific shape. When people have questioned whether or not Rimes has an eating disorder, it has angered her; she's stated in the past that "these are real issues and diseases -- that I don't have."

Give a girl a break. Sometimes elbow grease and copious amounts of sweat and tears go into building a firm body.

The latest TwitPic shows Rimes in a bikini, looking over her shoulder, boasting an enviable body. We can't blame her for tweeting photos of her shape, because she looks incredible and there is no question that getting to this point was not easy.

To combat all this "is she too thin" chatter, Rimes and her trainer, whose name is Michael Jackson, will release a video on her blog to show others how she has achieved her new shape. Jackson told FOX411 about Rimes' uber serious workout regimen and about their plans to spill the beans on how she got that taut bod. He says, "I know it really bothers her; a lot of people see pictures of LeAnn and assume certain things. But we’re in the process of putting a video together that she'll post to her blog so that people will see what it is that we’re doing to get her in shape. It’ll probably go live sometime next month -- we haven’t set an exact date. I know she’s really anxious to show people -- excuse my French -- that she takes her s---- seriously."

That we do not doubt. The photo is all the evidence we need that Rimes takes her workouts seriously.

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