LeAnn Rimes will star in an episode of the Lifetime Network series 'Drop Dead Diva' during its upcoming third season. Rimes will play a woman estranged from her celebrity husband, who is on trial for a hit-and-run.

The Lifetime Network previously helped the country singer meet her fiancee, Eddie Cibrian. The couple co-starred together on the channel's movie 'Northern Lights' and clearly hit it off, as they're scheduled to be married sometime this spring.

In fact, it looks like Rimes is already on set as she tweeted a few times earlier today, first noting "Only a set in Georgia would have sweet tea!!! Love it." Later she added, "Courtroom set today." (editor's note: you know, you get 140 characters, LeAnn, maybe a bit more detail?)

TV Guide reports that in addition to Rimes' guest spot on 'Drop Dead Diva,' former 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul will also return in her role as a relationship expert. Newly announced 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant and daytime talk show host Wendy Williams will appear as well.

'Drop Dead Diva' executive producer Josh Berman said of Rimes, "When we created this role, we specifically had LeAnn in mind. Her character is complex, brilliant, and just when you think you know her, she'll throw in a twist you won't see coming."

'Drop Dead Diva" will return this summer on Lifetime. You can click here to listen to, and read about, Rimes' recent single 'Crazy Women.' The track will appear on her upcoming album 'Lady and Gentlemen,' which is scheduled for release later this year.