Naturally, celebrities are always the focus of the public eye, be it because of their relationships, their clothing, or their weight. But some recent accusations that LeAnn Rimes is anorexic or bulimic, or simply just too skinny, have got the country star fired up.

"For someone like me who is healthy, who works hard for my body, it's very frustrating," Rimes says of the scrutiny she's received, specifically targeting photos of her on her honeymoon, in her bathing suit. "People are calling me bulimic or anorexic, and these are real issues and diseases -- that I don't have."

She stresses that she's healthy for her size, and is tired of hearing all of the "hoopla about my body." Rimes adds, "I work out and take care of myself, and not in an over-obsessive way."

Her trainer, Michael Jackson at Equinox Fitness center in Woodland Hills, Calif., echoes Rimes' statement. "My main concern with her is that she's toned and healthy," he says. "And she is."

As of late, the former teen idol has been learning to 'Give' with the release of her new single, the third from her forthcoming album, ‘Lady and Gentlemen.’ But if there's one thing she doesn't give, it's a second thought about what the public -- and the media -- has to say about her body image.