LeAnn Rimes recently answered fan questions via Twitter, and the topic of children came up. Rimes, who married Eddie Cibrian on April 22 of this year, was incredibly candid when a fan queried her about her maternal aspirations.

The fan asked, "Question I ask myself often. Do you want children someday?"

Rimes frankly tweeted back the following response: "@LeAnnCanadaFans I have two sweet boys I help take care of and raise that keep Eddie & my hands full. Maybe one day. We talk about it a lot."

While that wasn't a detailed or overly specific answer, it did feel honest and it appears that the topic has come up in conversation between the duo.

While much has been made about Rimes' super-skinny frame as of late, perhaps she remains so trim and in shape due to the exercise she gets by assisting her husband in raising his sons, Mason and Jake. The boys' mother is former model Brandi Glanville, whom Cibrian famously left for Rimes after they met on the set of a TV movie.

It took a while for this blended family to get where it's at, and we're happy to see that they're all working to get along. And at least Rimes is getting a lot of practice with Mason and Jake, so she will be prepared if and when she and Cibrian decide to procreate and expand their family even further.