LeAnn Rimes is now her family's breadwinner. Husband Eddie Cibrian's television show 'The Playboy Club' was canceled after Monday night's episode gathered its smallest audience yet. NBC will fill the time slot with repeat episodes of the new police drama 'Prime Suspect.'

'The Playboy Club' brought Rimes and Cibrian to Chicago, and the singer seemed to really enjoy the change of scenery. She even filmed the inspirational new video for her song 'Give' in the heart of the city, with over a dozen challenged youths. It remains to be seen if she'll maintain residence in the Windy City now that Cibrian is no longer taping there.

Last week, Rimes released her 13th studio album, 'Lady and Gentleman,' featuring two original songs -- including 'Give' -- and 12 classic country covers. She's back in Los Angeles tonight, singing 'Swingin'' on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.' Ironically, that show is also on NBC. Neither Cibrian or Rimes have commented on the show's cancellation on their respective Twitter pages.