LeAnn Rimes loves Eddie Cibrian, and she wants all of her fans to love him, too. The 'Blue' hitmaker took to her Twitter page early Monday morning to remind her followers that her husband of five months will take over NBC tonight when he appears on the season premiere of 'The Playboy Club.'

"Morning! I'm up so early. My body has no idea where it's at. PLUS I'm just so excited my man's show debuts tonight @NBCPlayboyClub!" Rimes said, adding later that while she rarely watches television, she'll make an exception this time. "Ok, I don't watch TV hardly ever. My hubby just walked me through how to use the DVR....I know I'm late on this, but so cool & easy!"

Now that Rimes has her DVR skills down, she'll be able to keep up with the new episodes of 'The Playboy Club' even if she isn't home. From what we can tell, the show, which takes us back to 1963, centers around the first Playboy Club in Chicago. Cibrian will potrtray Nick Dalton, who is a lawyer in his day job but holds a key that gives him access to the club. There will be plenty of plot to keep viewers entertained -- like race issues and secret gay relationships -- as well as some sexy scenes.

Rimes relocated to Chicago with Cibrian to be by his side while he filmed the new series, though she still calls Los Angeles home on occasion. Cibrian hinted to 'ET' that his lady may one day make an appearance on the show. "There’s been talk about it," he said. "We’re trying to figure out something cool and different than just a performance thing. She would be great."

'The Playboy Club' premieres Monday, September 19, on NBC.