In her new song, LeAnn Rimes urges you to be a better person and 'Give.' "SO proud of this song and such a powerful message," Rimes tweeted today, following the leak of the brand-new track. This is the first single for Rimes since 'Crazy Women' was released in late 2010.

'Give' is a positive ballad about how giving leads to receiving. It's a song made up of slow verses which build up to a big chorus: "If you want to give love then give it / If you want to feel some forgiveness / Then you've gotta let go and do some forgiving of your own / If you want a friend then be one / A little bit of kindness show some / You'll be surprised of how much finds its way back home / It don't matter what it is / If you want it then give."

Though the message is quite powerful, the song itself doesn't go far. It's possible that we were just expecting something a bit more innovative from the talented vocalist, and musically, this one is pretty but sits in the realm of generic.

Hopefully, Rimes' new album will bring a plethora of those gems we know that the 28-year-old singer can muster. 'Give' is the third single from Rimes' still forthcoming, still TBA new album, 'Lady and Gentlemen.'

Listen to LeAnn Rimes, 'Give'