It's official! LeAnn Rimes' highly-anticipated and much talked about new album, 'Lady and Gentlemen,' is set to hit stores on Tuesday, September 27.

Rimes first shared the good news with her closest and most loyal fans over the weeked (Saturday, July 16) via her Twitter page.

"I have been told 'Lady and Gentlemen' will be released Sept 27," Rimes tweeted. "Very excited to share the album w/ my fans!"

'Lady and Gentlemen,' an album of classic love songs remade by the 28-year-old singer, has been a project in the works for some time. Rimes worked with the legendary Vince Gill on the album, on which he served as producer.

"We came up with this idea of doing a covers record of all my favorite love songs," Rimes told GAC on the orange carpet of the ACM Awards in April of 2010. "When I started digging into those, they were all by men so I decided to cover all my favorite love songs that were originally covered by men. There's everything from 'He Stopped Loving Her Today' [George Jones] to 'Good Hearted Woman' [Waylon Jennings] to something fun like 'Swingin'' [John Anderson]. ['Swingin''] was my favorite song [growing up]. It came out when I was like 18-months-old or 2-years-old. I used to be dead asleep in the car, and when it would come on, I would wake up and start singing it. So I had to put that on the album! We had so much fun."

Rimes had hopes of 'Lady and Gentlemen' hitting stores last fall, but when things changed, she decided to go back into the studio to remake one more classic love song: her debut single, 'Blue.'

"I have gotten an overwhelming response at my concerts for the brand-new live version of that we've been doing, and a lot of fans have been asking me to re-record 'Blue,'" Rimes shared with her fans through a video blog last year. "It has been 15 years since that song has been released. For such a classics record like 'Lady and Gentlemen,' I thought that song is pretty much considered a 'classic' now ... why not record it at 28, and not 13, and put it on this album. So it's a bit of a new version. I am really excited about working it up for you guys and recording it."

Rimes has released two singles off the 'Lady and Gentleman' album, including 'Swingin'' and her Top 40 hit, 'Crazy Women.'

Watch the LeAnn Rimes 'Swingin'' Video