LeAnn Rimes tweets a lot. On Wednesday alone, she tweeted well over fifty times before most people had even finished their lunch. Still, the 'Blue' hitmaker insists she's not addicted to Twitter, she just likes being in touch with her fans. A lot.

"You know, it's not that I'm addicted to Twitter, it's that I have so much dang time on my hands!" Rimes tells 98 Country. "If you saw how much time I sit on a plane or in a bus or whatever it may be, once I get all of my stuff done for the day, with this wonderful iPhone that we now have it's so easy to just talk to people. I definitely do tweet a lot, I definitely won't deny it, but I think a lot of it is answering people back and saying hello and thank you. I see how much they [the fans] appreciate it -- it's instant gratification."

There's no arguing that Rimes has a knack for getting in touch with the people who buy her albums through the social media site. In between tweets about burgers and the 2004 comedy 'Mean Girls,' the country singer connects with her followers in a way that most artists don't: by replying to their messages.

"Because of Twitter I think my fans and I have had this kind of … I've been able to reach my fans in a completely different way," Rimes explains. "Whatever strikes my fancy, whatever I feel like people can relate to, the blog was a suggestion of a fan and I thought, 'What a great idea,' because people really get to know me as a human instead of this tabloid staple that's just a face."

The singer, who married 'The Playboy Club' star Eddie Cibrian earlier this year, talks about everyday things with her fans -- rather than her albums and star-status -- because she thinks that people relate more to the little things. When asked whether she'd survive without Twitter, Rimes had no doubt. She said, "If I had to step away for two days, I definitely would not be like pining for it."

At the time of publication, the blonde songstress was still tweeting away.