'The Voice' Season 3 contestant Ryan Fogarty has friends in high places. He is a roadie for LeAnn Rimes, so he has a bit of a music industry "in." However, he didn't quite cut it during tonight's (Sept. 11) blind audition, when he performed Chris Young's hit 'Tomorrow.' None of the judges, not even Blake Shelton, turned their chairs around for him.

It's not that Fogarty was bad or that he wasn't good. He just didn't stand out. He also didn't look like the traditional country singer, either, as he was wearing a baseball cap while performing.

The judges liked him, but didn't love him. Shelton weighed in, offering a crucial piece of advice, saying that Young is like a little brother to him and during Fogarty's performance, he found himself comparing the two singers way too much. Shelton wished that Fogarty would have strayed more, instead of approaching the song exactly the same way that Young did.

Before Fogarty performed, Rimes was interviewed for the intro package, calling him "the cutest thing in the world," encouraging him to pursue his dream on the show. While she may have dug him a lot, the judges felt he fell a little too short.

That said, Fogarty shouldn't give up. He should just refine and hone his craft.