Over the past several months, LeAnn Rimes has had her share of nitpicking from tabloids about her personal life, her weight and her new marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian. While the hateful words and rumors about some of her "mistakes" might have stung at first, Rimes has proudly held her head high knowing those are all in her past.

"It is kind of funny ... the obsession that has become my life in the tabloids," Rimes tells Taste of Country. "It’s kind of crazy, but it’s not my life. We are all human at the end of the day. I think sometimes people forget that. They see a celebrity, and they see this entity. They don’t see a person; they only see a name and a life that they want to create and write about. At the end of the day, people forget you are human. I’m sure I’m going to make millions of other mistakes because that’s life [laughs]. But it’s picking yourself up and moving on and making the most of what you have and bettering yourself. I think that’s what it’s all about."

Rather than putting her focus on the negative comments and headlines, the 29-year-old is putting that energy into something much more significant in life: her husband and her new role as a "bonus mom."

"It’s amazing when you go through crap and you have so many breakthroughs," she says. "To me, you can either learn from it or you can make the same mistakes again until you learn from it, or you just don’t learn from it. I’ve been one that’s chosen to open up my heart and mind to learning from my mistakes, creating a life that’s better for myself on a daily basis and being better than I was yesterday."

"I think even outside the love I have with my family, the love that I have for myself, and the ways that I’m growing and changing … there’s a happiness that comes from that," she continues. "I think that is part of the glow that people say I have. It’s not just my relationship and my family; it’s also the happiness that I’ve found in myself and the growth’s happened in the last several years … just those 'ah-ha!' moments are really important in life. If you can grab them and latch onto them, they change your life."

Rimes recently released her highly anticipated new album, 'Lady and Gentlemen.' The album's latest single, 'Give,' is at radio now.