LeAnn Rimes has just released a Christmas album, and she's in the middle of a Christmas tour — but don't think the 33-year-old is sick of the holidays, however. Rimes says it's pretty much Christmas year-round for her, although she doesn't technically start getting ready until fall.

Her holiday album, Today Is Christmas, features collaborations with Aloe Blacc and Gavin DeGraw among the 12 new and traditional hits. Rimes wrote two, while 10 others — like “Holly Jolly Christmas” and “Auld Lang Syne” — are classics. The LP follows the release of a Christmas EP in 2014.

“I’ve grown up,” Rimes tells Taste of Country Nights radio host Sam Alex. “I think I’m just at a different point in my life with a different sound. It’s kind of a soulful, earthier kind of sound but it’s also we throw it back with a bunch of horns … It’s a really cool record. The last year I came out with an EP of Christmas songs and this year we decided to record a full record.”

So exactly how into the holidays is LeAnn Rimes? We put her to the test to see which traditions and memories she still holds on to, and the singer is clearly not afraid to make the classic holiday an original. Tequila on Christmas? Why not?!

Taste of Country: When is it acceptable start listening to Christmas music?

LeAnn Rimes: Usually right after Halloween ... Halloween comes down and Christmas goes up. And we don’t skip Thanksgiving. We have some pumpkins.

Real or fake Christmas tree?

Fake. I actually had a really bad problem with ants one time in a real tree and I never will do that again.

Describe your most unusual Christmas decoration.

My husband — my first Christmas with him and my stepsons — he was going mall shopping with them and he found this ornament place that would engrave your name on things. So we have this "Four Peas in a Pod" (ornament). It literally is peas. The little peas have heads to them.

What is the best Christmas gift from your childhood?

When I got my own room for the first time, I got one of those mini TVs with a VCR in it — my Godparents totally surprised me and got me one.

What is your Christmas drink of choice?

Tequila. Tequila is always a good choice. Especially around the family.

When you were young, what did you leave out for Santa?

Cookies. It’s funny, my Godfather was a diabetic, so it was his one time when he could eat the cookies.

How old is too old to sit on Santa’s lap?

Umm, I still do. Kind of.

If we were in a name draw and we got your name, what gift could we not go wrong buying?

A candle. I love candles.

Your all-time favorite Christmas movie is ...?

I would say Christmas Vacation.

Your all-time favorite Christmas song?

I think probably "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas."

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