LeAnn Rimes did a little spring cleaning last week, which turned out to be quite beneficial for one of her loyal Twitter followers. Peggy Joyce, a stay-at-home Ohio mom, was keeping up with Rimes' progress Wednesday as she took to her closets to organize.

"3 SOLID hours of closet organization," Rimes tweeted, including pictures of her newly organized closet. "Everyone has a vice … mine are shoes and handbags."

Joyce sent the singer a comment, informing her that she recently lost her job and is doing what she can to make ends meet as she raises her 16-month-old baby. "Anything you want to donate to me?" she asked. "Bad year ... I will pay for shipping. Thanks! XO."

Rimes, who always jumps at the opportunity to help when she can, exchanged a few tweets with Joyce as they worked out the details. Rimes then was pleased to announce: "I have a few pair of flip flops for the summer and tennis shoes in your size ... hope it helps," she tweeted. Be sure to follow her on Twitter. Who knows when she might be feeling generous again?