The new video for Lee Brice's current hit finds the singer walking viewers through a young couple's love story. There's plenty of shots of Brice, as well as the tank top wearing country cutie that stars in the video and the dark haired handsome hunk she's married to. 'A Woman Like You' is the words every man wishes he could think of when pinned by questions like 'What would you do without me?'

The video acts out the lyrics of the song. As Brice sings about improving his golf game, the lead male is out in the yard with a pitching wedge. He's gobbling up fried chicken and playing poker at the appropriate moments, but we also watch as all the joys of bachelorhood go wrong. Any guy who's lived on his own can relate to the scene in which he pulls a dirty spoon out of a sink full of dishes to stir his Ramen noodles.

There's little action, but plenty said with passionate stares between the two newlyweds. Brice isn't an active part of the plot, more of a storyteller as the song requires.

The song is the debut single from Brice's new album, the release date of which has not yet been announced.

Watch the Lee Brice 'A Woman Like You' Video