Lee Brice's latest single, 'Beautiful Every Time,' showcases the simple beauties of life.

"... A baby sleeping / A Momma kneeling / A Key West sunset sky / Yeah, the chills I get / When you lay your lips on mine / That’s beautiful / Beautiful every time," Brice belts out in the song's chorus.

Penned by the singer, along with Lance Miller and Rob Hatch, the song came from a real life experience, making the writing session a memorable one for Brice.

"It’s such a cool story," Brice tells Taste of Country. "Rob Hatch is -- for a lack of better words -- a redneck from Florida. He kind of talks like Sling Blade ... just a good ole country boy. You wouldn’t think, coming from this burly redneck guy, that something this sensitive would come out of a man like that."

"One day he called me up, and he says, ‘Lee, I went back home a while back, and I went to go to a wedding and I’ve got a great song idea. I went out to the wedding on the beach. I smelled the ocean, and even though I grew up around it and I’m used to it, it still took my breath away. I thought to myself, that’s beautiful every time.’ It was really cool. All we had to do was write that story that he told me."

The song's opening verse details Hatch's story to a T:

"I’ve been around the ocean since I was a kid / I don’t get to see it much these days / This mornin’ I walked down to it just to say I did / And damned if it didn’t take my breath away / I guess some things are just that way."

"It came into a very true and honest song," Brice says. "I’m so excited about it. It’s taken its time. It’s been slow, but steady going up the charts. It’s nice to have another one on the radio."

'Beautiful Every Time' can be found on Brice's debut album, 'Love Like Crazy.'