Lee Brice is back with his latest single, 'Beautiful Every Time,' and as the title states, the song and its accompanying video showcase various aspects of what is beautiful in life.

From a bride and groom saying "I do," to a solider coming home safely from war, the touching video covers a whole lot of emotional territory:

"I’ve been around the ocean since I was a kid / I don’t get to see it much these days / This mornin’ I walked down to it just to say I did / And damned if it didn’t take my breath away / I guess some things are just that way / Like a baby sleeping / A momma kneeling / A Key West sunset sky / Yeah the chills I get when you lay your lips on mine / That’s beautiful … beautiful every time."

Throughout the video, Brice drives along the coastal highway with the windows of his car down as the sun sets on the gorgeous ocean. The picturesque scenes give the viewer a sense of warmth as they watch Brice belt out a powerful vocal performance amidst the beautiful backdrop of nature.

The video says summer, and the song says hit. Brice will have no problems having a "beautiful" summer as the song and video give the newcomer the success he most certainly deserves.

Watch Lee Brice's 'Beautiful Every Time' Video: