Lee Brice debuted the brand new song 'Haunted' for the first time ever during an acoustic performance at Y108. It's so new that the singer has never even played it for anyone else, and he elected to take it for a test drive with the radio station. That's what we call exclusive and trial by fire!

The tune is a tender love ballad that tugs at the strings of the listeners heart, and since Brice had never played the song for anyone before, he said, "I am probably going to  mess it up!" The song sounded terrific to us, and Brice was beaming over the ability to share it in such a pure form and it escalates into a power ballad sweeping with emotional heft.

Brice infuses the song with gut-wrenching emotion when he sings, "You know you still haunt my heart / Like when we we just getting started."

Lee Brice is currently out on the road with Jerrod Niemann on their Higher Education tour.

Watch Lee Brice Perform 'Haunted'