If you've ever dreamt of flying out just to see the musician you're crushing on, hoping that they'll notice you, Lee Brice's story of romance will make your day. When asked about the most creative way a female has managed to meet him, the 'Beautiful Every Time' singer fondly remembers one girl and her efforts to get to know him.

"[She] jumped on a plane and flew to Vegas unannounced, and showed up at a show. I just fell in love right then and there, and dated her for a few years," Brice tells The Boot in an interview.

"She showed up at the show, and I came out and visited and signed some autographs, and there she was. She said, 'I flew in here just to see you.' I was like, 'I'm glad you did, let's hang out!'" he adds, laughing.

While the relationship didn't work out in the end -- Brice says he's "very eligible now" and that the age range of "21 to 41 sounds about right" for a potential girlfriend -- he's not ruling out dating another fan. In fact, if he spots someone he's attracted to at one of his shows, he'll make sure to say hello.

"I'd send somebody to go get her, or I'd get her myself. Hey, whatever has to be done!" Brice admits. "I'm shy, though. Even to this day I feel like I don't know what to say when I'm around a woman."

Interested ladies, keep in mind that Brice is a busy, touring man, but he's looking for a sweet girl who's happy to "just chill out, watch a movie and have a nice cold beer," and he does have family on his mind: "I do have a little boy. I have a beautiful little boy who is almost two. I have one [child] already, so maybe I'll get to find me a girl and be able to settle down and get married, and to have some more ... Every day I have off, and any chance I get, I just want to be close to him. He's growing up so fast."