Artists' tour vehicles are their homes on wheels, and 'Love Like Crazy' singer Lee Brice gave KNCI an intimate view of his tour bus, or his "country crib," as he calls it.

In this sneak peak, Brice pointed out the high tech amenities, like the flat screens and surround sound. He even revealed the No. 1 rule of tour bus bathroom etiquette, saying, "All solids, like toilet paper, go in [the] trash can, not in the toilet." So, now you know!

Brice says that the fridge is normally stocked with "leftovers, leftovers, leftovers," and the singer isn't shy about admitting that his bunk is "the messiest one in the whole bus."

When showing off the spacious -- for a tour bus, at least -- back lounge, the considerate Brice says, "Here's the deal. A lot of artists like to have a bed in the back and make it their 'bedroom.' But me? I'd rather share the room with everyone on the bus."

The back lounge is often the place to work, play and party. Brice even says he uses the lounge to sign CD covers so that fans can have his John Hancock on albums that they buy at shows.

"It's really a house, that's what it is," Brice says. Brice is currently on tour throughout the Southern half of the US. In March, Brice will join Jerrod Niemann and Randy Houser for the Higher Education Tour.