Fans in the audience at rocker Lenny Kravitz’s recent show in Stockholm got a little more of the artist than they bargained for, and Jake Owen, as he shared, understands exactly what it’s like to accidentally show off his — er — manhood.

Kravitz, donning some admittedly light leather pants, crouched down for an intense moment in a tune when the stitches just couldn’t hold on any longer and burst apart, revealing that the star chooses to go commando every once and a while ... and well, he chose the wrong day. Kravitz was full-frontal for awaiting cameras, his nether-regions exposed to the world. Of course, the images made their way to the web in a flash.

Owen took to Twitter to offer a proverbial pat on Kravitz’s shoulder, saying he definitely knows the feeling.

The country star has been in the rocker's shoes — or pants, rather — before, when his own jeans ripped at a show in 2013. Owen too chose the wrong show to forgo his briefs, and had to employ a creative use of a T-shirt to keep from giving his audience an X-rated peek.

"Charleston, S.C. will never be forgotten. My jeans ripped on stage tonight. Going commando=bad idea. Although, great breeze here. Coastal town,” Owen tweeted at the time, joking it off. “Tonight was totally 'nuts' in Charleston,” he continued.

The country star's reaction both to Kravitz’s faux pas and his own make fun of himself in a way totally characteristic of the country star. His quirky video for “Real Life” has the artist goofing around on camera throughout the whole song.

Owen has also been busy with a couple of side projects, as he recently posted his 1990 Jeep Waggoneer for sale, which has been used in a few of his videos, and was chosen to host the 9th annual ACM Honors, which recognizes award winners not presented on the live broadcast.

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