This week, the women of Song Suffragettes remind us what a casualty the loss of “Travelin’ Solder” was in the aftermath of the Dixie Chicks controversy of 2003. The all-female, singer-songwriter collective covers the song, staying true to the emotional original.

From left to right it’s Karla Davis, Lauren Riley, Kalie Shorr, Lena Stone and Maddy Newton. Stone begins, before turning it over to Riley and the rest of the group. This is how Song Suffragettes close each of their Monday night shows at the Listening Room in Nashville. The cover isn’t always a Dixie Chicks song, but it’s always a strong song for women to sing together.

“Travelin’ Soldier” was the Chicks' single when controversy erupted around Natalie Maines' comments overseas. The song reached No. 1, but it’d be their final chart-topper. These days it’s rare you’ll hear it on a radio station, as it quickly became symbolic of the controversy.

Song Suffragettes and the #LetTheGirlsPlay movement were created as a way for rising female singers and songwriters to support one another. Women are having a historically difficult time getting played on country radio. Taste of Country is proud to be part of the solution by featuring these videos weekly, and by spotlighting a female artist monthly.

Watch the Song Suffrattes' “Little Red Wagon” Cover