Kalie Shorr says performing with the Song Suffragette community has given her confidence in who she is as a musician. The Maine native isn't yet 21 years old, but she has a clear vision of who she is as an artist. "Roses Are Red" is a definitive song. Watch her emotional acoustic performance during this very first #LetTheGirlsPlay exclusive.

"Roses are red / Eyes are blue / I still remember loving you," Shorr sings as she strums her intricately etched acoustic. As she builds toward the chorus, she shows off her range. Later she'll park her self at that high end for a delicate, vulnerable bridge:

"And we both love so much / But we didn't love the same," she cries out, "So I remember, last September / You whispering my name, blood rushing through my veins / I remember forever / Your lips on my neck, every word you ever said / There's some things I'll never forget / As long as roses are red." Morgan Dawson and Lena Stone helped Shorr write the song.

Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift and Nirvana (Yes, Nirvana!) are influences. She has an appreciation for a tightly-constructed lyric that's packed with emotion and sincerity. On stage during an April 27 Song Suffragettes performance, the Nashville-based singer displays both.

Shorr is the first artist to be featured during Taste of Country's #LetTheGirlsPlay partnership with Song Suffragettes, a weekly all-female singer-songwriter show that takes place at the Listening Room in Nashville. It was formed to give aspiring female artists a home to define and polish their craft. The collective is a response to the struggles women are having in country music right now. Taste of Country is proud to be part of the solution.

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