Don’t make any assumptions about Karli Chayne just yet. Sure, she’s young and blonde and perky. And she’s got a song she likes to sing called “Blonde Moment.” There’s more than meets the eye to this native Missourian, however.

Chayne wrote "Blonde Moment" with Kent Blazy and Karyn Rochelle. It started as a title she brought to the session, and it may have become exactly the song you’re thinking of, if her co-writers hadn’t turned the story on its head.

“In the second verse it talks about me staring at my new neighbor that moved in,” August’s #LetTheGirlsPlay artist tells Taste of Country. “And he’s tall and good looking. So you pretend that you lock your keys in your house and you can’t in. So you walk over and you ask if you can borrow his phone and you start talking to him.”

That really happened, and it worked! “I mean, it was just a little … I mean, I’m not dating him or anything,” she says, laughing about the experience from her high school days.

Granted, Chayne is breaking the blonde code by revealing these secrets. It’s like any guy willing to reveal the real reason he’s holding a door open for a good looking woman.

“It’s cool to be the first one to do that," she says. "I mean, why not?”

Blazy’s catalog of hits is well-known (Garth Brooks, Chris Young, Diamond Rio), but he seems like an odd fit for this song. But he isn't, Chayne insists — calling him a “lyrical genius,” she says he can write anything.

“So if he wants to pretend he’s a blonde girl, then he can,” she adds, laughing.

"Never underestimate the power of a pretty face / It might get the best of you / She knows how to play the part / Thinking that she ain’t as smart / Such a foolish thing to do / Blonde moment.” 

Chayne is developing quite a catalog of her own, although it’s not one that’s well-known, yet. As part of Song Suffragettes, she’s hoping that changes soon. This week you’ll learn all about this young rising star from Bolivar, Mo. Like every artist featured in #LetTheGirlsPlay, she’s on the cusp of something great, but just needs the right set of eyes and ears to tune it. Taste of Country is proud to team up with the songwriting collective to feature one new, unsigned artist every month. Look for their weekly performances on Mondays at the Listening Room in Nashville.

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