Krysta Nick's family is moving out of her hometown of Peachtree City, Ga. because, in her words, "We’re not very Peachtree City-like." There's a little rebel engrained into the 19-year-old's soul and — by her own admission — a little bit of redneck.

Musically she's a modern country woman, able to sing songs from James Taylor and Chris Stapleton as well as those of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. She does it all on her YouTube channel, but it's her original songs that are beginning to gain her attention. Her effortless four-octave range complements her more-than-competent guitar playing, both the result of lots of hours put in practicing.

Credit her parents for pushing her, despite not really knowing how to push her when Nick's journey began over a decade ago. No one in her family chose music as a profession, so it was up to mom and dad to stay one step ahead of their daughter. After graduating high school, Nick tells Taste of Country nobody asked her about college. Everyone knew she'd be off to Music City soon, and she was.

Find her regularly at the weekly Song Suffragette shows at the Listening Room. She shared "Miles Away" with Taste of Country readers, a getting-over-love song that she turned into a military tribute during a recent Memorial Day show. This month's #LetTheGirlsPlay artist is an old soul with a modern-day heart. That should provide even more opportunities in the months and years to come.

Watch Krysta Nick Perform "Miles Away"