Taste of Country's #LetTheGirlsPlay artist for November is making her mark in Canada while she solidifies plans to move to Nashville. Livy Jeanne recently played the Monday night Song Suffragette round, proving once again that she's a singer and songwriter to remember moving forward. You'll find more evidence of that in this exclusive photo gallery.

The 20-year-old shares pictures of her hanging with stars like Alan Jackson, to counterparts north of the border. With two EPs and a full-length album behind her, she's proven she's learned the basics. Musically, Jeanne says, she's more sensitive to what others are going through as a result of being bullied in grades five through eight.

These days, she's all smiles as those difficult days are behind her. In fact she's even used the experience as a platform for inspiring others. You'll find depth and variety on her Dashboard Renegade album. Flip through the photos to learn more about Jeanne, and then watch a video of her performing "80 Proof" at a #LetTheGirlsPlay event.

Watch: Livy Jeanne Sings "80 Proof"