Morgan Dawson's song "Kiss Me Hello" began as three words in her iPhone. That's not unusual — she'll find inspiration in strange places and jot down raw titles or concepts to bring to songwriting meetings. What is unusual about this great mid-tempo love song is that it came so easily for her and her two co-writers. Listen to June's #LetTheGirlsPlay artist plead for the perfect hello kiss during this exclusive performance video.

“Breakup songs do come easier," Dawson tells Taste of Country. "I’ve had my heart broken before but … there’s always going to be a feeling that comes back when you’re reminded of it.”

When she joined songwriters Brian Maher ("Small Town U.S.A.") and Maile Misajon to write, Dawson was in the mood to write this anti-breakup song. It was a rough, rough idea built around that perfect guy so many women picture.

“When you find that right person, you never have to have that goodbye kiss,” she says. That's how "Kiss Me Hello" was born.

“I’ve never seen you but I’ve seen you in my mind / We’ve never met you but I’ve met you a thousand times / I hear your voice whispering in my ear / Saying all the things that I wanna hear," Dawson sings to start "Kiss Me Hello." "And I want it, and I need it / And I crave it with every breath I’m breathing / And I can’t stop, won’t stop as long as this heart is breathing ...

The Longview, Texas native has been part of the Monday night Song Suffragettes performances at the Listening Room in Nashville since the early weeks. She's grown, made friends, written beautiful songs and learned the art of being an entertainer. Singing comes easy for Dawson. She tells ToC that she prefers to write with great lyricists because melodies come naturally. "Kiss Me Hello" is a melodic folk-country song that shows her range and command.

"So hurry up and kiss me hello / Like you’ve known me baby your whole life / Kiss me so crazy that you take me high / Higher than heaven when I taste your lips / And I know it won’t get any better than this / There wont be no goodbye, no no goodbye, no / And I know when you kiss me hello,” Dawson sings at the chorus.

On Thursday, you'll learn more about Dawson — the second artist chosen by Taste of Country and Song Suffragettes to be featured in this #LetTheGirlsPlay space. On Friday, you'll be able to live her story through pictures and her own words. Song Suffragettes was created over a year ago in response to the struggles women are having on country radio. The collective is Nashville's home for tomatoes.

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