June's #LetTheGirlsPlay artist was born singing, almost literally. Morgan Dawson was raised in Longview, Texas and is a very proud (as you'll soon see) Longhorn. At age five she tried to find a vocal teacher but kept striking out because no one would take her seriously. Then finally, someone did — and holy cow did it pay off.

You'll learn that music has always been a part of who Dawson is. From songwriting to singing to leading the marching band in high school, she is as comfortable with a guitar and pen in her hand as she is in sweatpants and slippers. Her early songs were about her home state, but her first performances came at church.

Each month, Taste of Country and Song Suffragettes will highlight a new rising female singer-songwriter. The movement started one year ago as a way to provide women a network of support as they chase dreams and careers in country music. Look for these ladies every Monday night at the Listening Room in Nashville. Find Morgan Dawson on Twitter, or at her official website.

Watch Morgan Dawson Sing "Kiss Me Hello"