During a Christmas week #LetTheGirlsPlay performance in Nashville, five Song Suffragettes artists covered an all-time great. Watch as Kalie Shorr, Ella Mae Bowen and more do Mariah Carey proud, singing “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

Shorr begins the song but the introduction is split between her, Mignon Grabois, Trannie Stevens and Bowen. Andrea Thomas also joins in to sing this festive recreation, complete with all the right vocal inflections. This song may be the best collective showcase of the talent that takes the Listening Room stage every Monday night. Three of the five artists (Shorr, Bowen and Grabois) have been featured in Taste of Country’s monthly #LetTheGirlsPlay spotlight series.

While the arrangement is light, the song doesn’t fail in summoning the proper energy. The singers harmonize with one another, allowing each girl to be featured at just the right moment. It’s a five-part harmony to end the show, with a full house bursting into applause.

The #LetTheGirlsPlay movement was started in response to the struggles women were having in country music. The girl power movement is a healthy reaction to the adversity, and every female involved goes out of her way to support the girl sitting next to her. Taste of Country is proud to be a partner in this fight.

Watch the Song Suffragette Players Sing "Santa Baby"