This week's #LetTheGirlsPlay cover is a fan-favorite Keith Urban song. The Song Suffragettes collective recently put their all-girl spin on "Stupid Boy," a song co-written and recorded originally by Sarah Buxton and released as a single by Urban in 2007.

The singers include Kelsey K, Livy Jeanne, Kalie Shorr, Ray Taaffe and Maybe April. Their gentle recreation of the uplifting ballad stays true to the original while finding openings for each girl to stamp the song with her unique sound. Mandolin and guitar are the only instruments backing the group of rising singer-songwriters. This version of “Stupid Boy” is as stripped down as it gets.

Song Suffragettes play the Listening Room in Nashville every Monday night at 6PM. The group was formed in response to the stark lack of women on the radio the last half-decade or so. Collectively they’ve formed a home for talented females looking for encouragement and a break. Taste of Country joined the #LetTheGirlsPlay movement in May 2015.