The key to a great cover of Sugarland’s “Stay” is lots and lots of patience, and the women of Song Suffragettes prove they have it during this live acoustic cover, recorded during a recent Monday night #LetTheGirlsPlay show in Nashville.

Lena Stone plays guitar and holds the song down. One immediately senses that if she's sung it once, she’s performed it 100 times. Her opening lyrics are spot on and somehow personal. Kalie Shorr comes next, then Kelsey K before Elle Mears takes the first chorus by herself. No one in the group needs help finding inspiration to dig to the soul of this masterful Jennifer Nettles-led hit.

Tenille Arts begins the second verse, and from there the five singer-songwriters exchange lyrics and come together at the bridge. The spirit of collaboration is strong, as it always is during a Song Suffragettes show at the Listening Room. The group gives women an advantage in country music, and a chance to prove that fans of country music will not settle for females as tomatoes. Consistent packed crowds prove the point.

#LetTheGirlsPlay was created in response to the lack of females having success in country music. It’s something that goes beyond just getting girls back on the radio. Female songwriters are also poorly represented, but last year saw some significant shifting after years of ignoring the problem. Taste of Country is proud to be part of the solution.

Watch the Song Suffragettes Cover of “Baby Girl”