Little Big Town took the stage at the 2015 ACM Awards on Sunday night (April 19) to perform their current hit single,"Girl Crush."

The song centers around a cool, sultry groove, and singer Karen Fairchild nailed the lead vocal, while the rest of the foursome demonstrated the signature vocal blend that won them Vocal Group of the Year honors just minutes before.

The song is the second single from their current album, Pain Killer. It has been the source of an unexpected controversy, after some country radio listeners misunderstood the lyrics of the song -- which describes jealousy from a very unique perspective: “I want to taste her lips / Yeah, ’cause they taste like you … I want her magic touch / Yeah, ’cause maybe then you’d want me just as much / I got a girl crush.” Some listeners mistook that, accusing the group of "promoting the gay agenda" with the song.

The controversy caused the group to record a commercial explaining the song's lyrics, while a number of their fellow country stars came out in public support of the song.

“Honestly I wasn’t surprised, because the community is so good,” Fairchild tells Taste of Country. “We just have something special in this community of songwriters and creative people and artists.”

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