The video for 'Kiss Goodbye,' Little Big Town's second single from their 2010 album 'The Reason Why,' features the quartet contemplating lost love amidst a gorgeous farmland setting.

The big open spaces in the video seem to represent the emptiness of a broken heart. The band sings to the dumpee, empathizing with their heartbreak but also imploring them to stay strong and not mistakenly attempt to turn back the hands of time:

"When you lose something / It's all that you want back / You've just gotta watch it fly / Stand there on the side line / Swallow up your pride / Knowing it could be alright / Wishing I could close your eyes / With a kiss goodbye."

Good advice. Nearly impossible to listen to when you just got your heart handed to you, but also the only real advice a friend can give. The only question is, and this is totally unrelated, who's the unlucky stagehand that had to drag that big piano out into the middle of that big hill in the middle of that field?

Watch Little Big Town 'Kiss Goodbye' Video