Little Big Town know how to get a point across. Their new 'Shut Up Train' music video, shot in harsh black and white, is as beautiful as it is powerful. While the video showcases all of the LBT band members, its focus is on Karen Fairchild, who demonstrates feelings of loneliness and complete sorrow in painstakingly up-close-and-personal scenes.

From the get-go, we know this will be a country music video for the books. 'Shut Up Train' kicks off with a crisp black and white closeup of Fairchild, who starts quietly, "Shut up train, I'm trying to sleep," with her eyes focused on the camera lens. About 30 seconds in, her fellow LBT members join her on the screen, singing the heartfelt track into a single mic, backlit by a single white light.

The clips jump around, and each of the Little Big Town members gets a moment to shine at the front of the screen. Though the video isn't focused around a storyline like most, it still grabs us -- particularly the scene where Fairchild is shown all alone in a two-bed hotel room, sitting on the bed and staring at the walls.

While the brunette singer is the clear star of 'Shut Up Train,' the whole band reveals their vulnerability. In an interview with the Huffington Post, who premiered the new music video, Fairchild admitted that the group feels they hit the nail on the head with this one. She said, "It's lonely and uncomfortable, which is exactly what it needed to be."

Fairchild continued that while Little Big Town never planned to release 'Shut Up Train' to their dedicated fans, they all realized the impact potential of the song and wanted to give it a face. "It was a song the four of us agreed needed to have a life before we moved on to a new record, so we took off to hire a director on our own. We really believe the fans are gonna relate to this song. Everyone has struggled with something that they need to let go of but can't."

Watch the Little Big Town 'Shut Up Train' Video