Just in time for Halloween, Little Big Town has released their eerie 'Tornado' video. With gorgeous shots of gray skies, strong winds and chirping blackbirds, this is one music video that's perfectly in tune with All Hallows' Eve.

The video kicks off with a sinister shot of a man sitting on a creaky rocking chair on the front porch of a dilapidated home. As Little Big Town enter the scene, led by vocalist Karen Fairchild, shopkeepers in what appears to be a tiny southern town shutter their windows, and residents hurry their children inside homes to keep them safe. It's clear right off the bat that this group -- dressed to the nines in black suits, vests and skirts -- are about to bring in some bad weather.

But as the video carries on, it's easy to see that the award-winning quartet isn't there to harm the town -- they are there to rain down justice on a man who deserves it. As he hurries to pack a suitcase and leave behind two little girls and a woman, he gets caught up in some barbed wire.

The man struggles to flee the scene, but LBT walk out the back door and find him before he can make an escape. Fairchild yanks several strands of necklaces out of the man's hand and retrieves her own silver monogrammed 'K' pendant. It's clear that this guy has pulled the whole "love them and leave them" trick on her in the past -- and she's over it.

Standing tall in some seriously fierce outfits, for a second it looks like the fearsome foursome is going to make this guy pay. But they're above that. They leave him snagged on the barbed wire and walk away.

One thing's for sure: This ominous video is a far cry from the band's fun-loving summer hit, 'Pontoon.' Just in time for the fall season!