Wednesday night (June 8), the LoCash Cowboys were featured on the latest episode of 'Man vs. Food Nation,' which was filmed at Nashville's Roosters Texas Style BBQ and Steakhouse back in March. During the show, LoCash's Preston Brust and Chris Lucas faced a 72 oz. butterflied sirloin steak, a large salad, a giant baked potato and two slices of Texas Toast in the famous challenge, The Roost.

Brust was on hand Wednesday night as Roosters held a viewing party when the episode premiered on the Travel Channel.

"I didn't really think that too many people would be here to watch it tonight because the CMT Music Awards were tonight," Brust told Taste of Country following the show's premiere. "I thought everybody would be at the awards. I walked inside Roosters, and the whole place was packed! They started cheering and going crazy! Chris [Lucas] couldn't come tonight, so I immediately called Chris and was like, 'Dude ... I so wish you were here because this would make you feel real good about what we're doing and the whole journey were on and everything.' I enjoyed it, and I tweeted [the show's host] Adam [Richman] and told him how much he rocks!"

"The way the Travel Channel edited the show together was just unreal!" he continues. "It was awesome. I was signing a lot of stuff and taking pictures with everybody inside, so I sort of missed the entire episode. I need to go home and watch the recorded version of it so I can catch all the little stuff, because obviously I missed some of that. It was really exciting to be inside Roosters because Rooster was really proud of his restaurant tonight, and I was really proud of his restaurant. I think it was great publicity for Roosters and LoCash to be on the show. I think it looks good for Nashville, too, that we have great food, a lot of fun and good music, and it can all be on TV together in one episode. We really showed the viewers that this is a great city to visit. That's pretty cool."

Earlier this week, the LoCash Cowboys released their third single, 'You Got Me,' from their forthcoming album, 'This Is How We Do It,' to country radio. The highly-anticipated debut album is slated for release sometime this summer on James Stroud's R&J Records.

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