The LoCash Cowboys take pride in writing songs built on passion. Besides filling a majority of their forthcoming debut album with their self-penned songs, Preston Brust and Chris Lucas are also scoring outside cuts with artists like Keith Urban’s ‘You Gonna Fly,’ which can be found on his latest album, ‘Get Closer.’

After inking their deal with Stroudavarious Records, Brust and Lucas joined forces with hit songwriter Jeffrey Steele, who signed on to produce the LoCash Cowboys. Since collaborating with Steele, Brust and Lucas feel their songwriting has become even more passionate.

“Jeff has taught us so much,” Lucas tells Taste of Country. “I give him all the credit in the world for teaching me and Preston what he did in those times we’ve written together. [Preston and I] are different writers now. What we wrote back then was good, and now, we are a lot better because of Jeff.”

“There’s so much energy in the room when the three of us get together,” adds Brust. “Any time you write with anybody, you get a different vibe in the room. That’s one of the reasons so many people love co-writes, because they can work with different people and play off each other. But the energy that comes in the room and the sincerity that comes into the room between the three of us is one of my favorites because there is a different side to Chris and myself. We’ve written a lot of slow, serious ballads with Jeff, and we’ve also written some really crazy, high-energy things. So there’s a lot of depth that a lot of people haven’t seen yet.”

“They’ve seen a little bit through ‘Keep in Mind,’ but there’s more,” Brust continues. “There’s a lot of that going on that the outside world hasn’t seen yet. Jeff found a way to tap into all of that and pull it out of us without us even realizing it was happening. We were just in the room writing song after song. We wrote a lot of different things that I can’t wait for the public to hear, but all in good time. It will be exciting to see all the different faucets of what Jeff has pulled out of us as writers.”

Look for LoCash Cowboys’ debut album, ‘This Is How We Do It,’ to hit stores later this year. Their next single and third release from the album, ‘You Got Me,’ penned by Brust, Lucas and Eric Halbig, impacts radio on June 6.

Watch the LoCash Cowboys 'Keep in Mind' Video