The LoCash Cowboys are some of the select artists in country music who spend a majority of their year on the road. While averaging around 250 dates per year, you would think that LoCash's Preston Brust and Chris Lucas would get burned out with life on the road, but that is far from the case.

"I think we don’t get burned out because we know what we do and we’re going to stay focused on what we do," Lucas tells Taste of Country. "We know we have to keep fueling the fire. We love the stage part of it. Some of it does get old, like when you’re driving 16 hours in a bus, or the plane flights ... those are the worst, but we can’t wait for that time onstage. That 75 minutes can feed us for a week or two. That’s what keeps us going. We can’t wait to get up there and make people smile. Just to see those kids and people and families and singing ‘Keep In Mind’ and seeing the people it’s affected -- it’s an unbelievable feeling, and that’s what keeps us going."

As an added bonus, the LoCash band and crew members that are on the road with the duo keep things fun on those long hauls across the country in the bus. "The guys in the band are such good guys," Lucas says. "It’s like a fraternity house on wheels … without the sorority!"

However, there has been one major adjustment made to their tour bus over the past year. "It has gone from a crazy Motley Crue-style tour bus to being baby-proof now so Chris can bring his wife and baby out," Brust says. "We’ve had to put soft things on all the corners of everything so the baby doesn’t hit his head. That’s been a big change!"

"It has for the whole band, too," adds Lucas. "Preston and I are the leaders, and you want your leaders to be happy, so you’ve got to make the wife happy [laughs]! I’m a happy man if my wife’s happy. We’re on the road so much, and Preston understands this because he’s the godfather, but I still have to ask five other guys [if my wife and son can come out once a month]. I don’t like to go after seven days without seeing them. That’s been a major, but a good, adjustment."

The LoCash Cowboys head back out on the road for several dates next week, after making their debut on the Grand Ole Opry this past Saturday (May 7).

Watch the LoCash Cowboys 'Keep In Mind' Video