Chris Lucas of the LoCash Cowboys is sporting some new ink this week after a trip to the tattoo parlor. The hit country songwriter went under the needle in order to celebrate the success of the gold-selling Tim McGraw single 'Truck Yeah,' which he helped write.

Lucas made the decision to get his new 'Truck Yeah' star while on tour in Florida, where he popped into Mom's Tattoos in the town of Dunedin. "Tattoos have meaning and, what better meaning then Tim-freaking-McGraw being your second cut," Lucas tells Taste of Country. "'Truck Yeah' went gold! Thank you, Tim!"

While the tattoo is rimmed with gold to symbolize the status of the single's digital downloads, Lucas is quick to point one thing out: "It can easily turn into a platinum-rimmed star," he says with laughter.

The tattoo is the third for Lucas, who had his first and second done at the same time back in July after celebrating writing the chart-topping hit, 'You Gonna Fly,' for Keith Urban. Just like the "Truck Yeah" tattoo, Lucas' "You Gonna Fly" tattoo is a star with the song title and a "1" in the center, signifying the charting position the song reached earlier this year, the other being one dedicated to his wife and son.

In addition to chipping away at writing future songs for the LoCash Cowboys, Lucas and his duo partner Preston Brust are always writing and pitching their material around town in hopes to snag more big cuts down the road. Judging by their success so far in the forms of this song and a hit for Keith Urban, the pair better keep some open space on their arms for more tattoos in the near future!