In their brand-new pop-country single, 'You Got Me,' LoCash Cowboys put feelings on the forefront and aim to share that fuzzy love feeling with the world.

"This is where I wanna be," the Cowboys sing, before launching into the chorus: "You've got me feeling good / Living right / Laughing all day and loving all night / Baby / You've got me looking at you / Wanting your touch / A little bit more, still ain't enough / You got me."

Clearly, this tune sings the praises of that special person, highlighting how they light you up from the inside out and make it hard to focus.

It may feel a bit generic musically, but the latest from the energized duo is light and fun and gives you that satisfied feeling in your heart.

Despite the fact that 'You Got Me' -- from the pair's forthcoming 'This Is How We Do It' album -- may be hard pressed to battle the likes of its fellow catchy new releases on the charts, it's just what the doctor ordered for summer. 'You Got Me' impacts radio on June 6.

Listen to LoCash Cowboys, 'You Got Me'