Delays, indecision and a massive flood almost prevented Keith Urban from enjoying one of his biggest hits of the last 10 years. The writers of "You Gonna Fly" — including LoCash's Preston Burst and Chris Lucas — remember nearly giving up on it, and being brought to tears before one extraordinarily perfect phone call.

It was a three-year process, with Urban remaining on the fence about whether he'd include it on his Get Closer album or not. Finally, he decided to do it. “He goes into the studio, it’s the day, and the flood hits Nashville," Burst says as he and Lucas share the story.

At that point the "I Love This Life" duo gave up on it, figuring it just wasn't meant to be. They hadn't enjoyed too much success as artists or songwriters yet ("Truck Yeah" would come later) so they were still very much struggling. Lucas remember one particularly emotional moment that came after Urban finally cut it.

“I was sitting in an apartment, and I had a little boy in my arms and my wife. I literally broke down that day because I didn’t know how I was gonna pay my rent,” he says.

“Not even 2 minutes after I started crying, I got a phone call."

It was Urban, telling him the song would be his next single. "Our lives changed after that," LoCash say.

"You Gonna Fly" became a two-week No. 1 hit for Urban, and one of the most-played songs of 2011. It's still a highlight of his live show, and he played it at both the Taste of Country Music Festival and Country Jam Colorado.

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