On a Southwest Airlines / LOCASH flight yesterday!!Pittsburgh▶️Baltimore http://smarturl.it/LCILoveThisLife

Posted by LoCash on Sunday, May 31, 2015

Passengers on a flight from Pittsburgh to Baltimore got an unexpected treat on May 30, and it was a lot cooler than a round of freebies from the drink cart. Members of LoCash held an impromptu jam session on the plane, later sharing the video on Facebook.

The Boot reports that the duo was traveling from a gig in the Steel City to another in Baltimore when they were spotted by a flight attendant. She asked if they would be willing to sing in celebration of a co-worker's birthday, and of course, the group graciously accepted.

In the video, LoCash start into their current single, "I Love This Life," with acoustic guitars and coffee cups in hand before the plane starts rolling away from the gate.

"Now the plane is moving," the band's Chris Lucas jokes. "We'll be back at 10,000 feet."

True to his word, the band started again once they got in the air, delivering the sweet harmonies of "I Know Somebody" higher than ever before.

LoCash — who used to go by the name LoCash Cowboys — have been around since 2004 and have scored some of their biggest successes as songwriters. Lucas and partner Preston Brust are credited on hit songs like Keith Urban's "You Gonna Fly" and Tim McGraw's "Truck Yeah," and after changing their name earlier this year have signed on with a new record label to release a fresh batch of tunes very soon.

“I feel really good,” Brust tells The Boot about their career's second act. “I feel like we’ve grown as artists. I feel like we’ve grown as writers. I feel like we’re going to prove that in this next project, when you guys get this music. I hope so anyway. I hope everybody hears the growth, because that’s important to us."

Missed this cool in-flight performance? No biggie — LoCash will be headlining the campground parties at both the upcoming Taste of Country Music Festival (June 12-14) and Country Jam in Colorado (June 18-21)!

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