Logan Mize is always up for some fun, as he demonstrates in his 'Can't Get Away From a Good Time' lyric video.

The song tells the story of an affable guy who just has a unique knack for finding a party wherever he goes: "Hey I'm just a victim of a circumstance / I've learned to make it all a part of my plans / It don't matter how hard I try / I just can't get away from a good time."

The lyric video uses shots of car racing, rodeo riding, motorcycles, fishing and more to create an atmosphere of fun, interspersed with the song's lyrics in a way that'll have country fans singing along.

The good-time vibe of the track is no accident. The song was inspired by real life.

“One of my writers -- I  won’t say which one -- showed up with a fifth of Jack Daniels, poured it in their coffee, and looked at me and said, ‘I don’t know what to tell you. I just can’t get away from a good time,'" Mize relates. "I think we wrote the song in an hour, but we sat around for another three to four hours and came up with alternate verses for the song that will never make the radio edit.”

Mize recently signed with Sony, who have released 'Can't Get Away From a Good Time' as his first official single. He also landed on Taste of Country's rundown of Artists to Watch in 2015.

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