Songs like Logan Mize’s ‘Can’t Get Away From a Good Time’ are supposed to be out of season.

Mize is a Sony newcomer with an infectious smile and an even more infectious hook. ‘Can’t Get Away From a Good Time’ makes you laugh in a redneck kinda way. The smartly-penned bluesy brawler has been a hit on satellite radio for nearly a year. Now, fans of terrestrial radio get to hear what this former truck driver is all about.

One cold one turned into four / Four’s got a way of turnin’ into more / Bust out the wieners, bust out the buns / Fire up the grill, gonna have a little fun,” Mize sings just before the chorus.

The singer wrote the song with Kelly Archer and Blake Chaffin. Together they create a lovable character you find yourself cheering for — and wanting to be around — in just a few lines. Each verse is a little longer than you usually get in a debut song, but there’s really not a wasted line.

"We ran out of charcoal, went to the store / They were runnin’ a deal on cases of Coors / If you bought one it was regular price / But if you bought two, you got a free bag of ice,” the Kansas native sings. “Hell, so I bought four and it made me grin / I was walkin’ out, pretty girls walkin’ in / You could say the stars just lined up right / But it ain’t luck, man, it’s just my life.

‘Can’t Get Away From a Good Time is a likable song -- one that seems like a snug fit on Mize, a singer that recalls men like Josh Thompson and before that, Steve Holy ('Brand New Girlfriend'). Expect the song to find few objectors on its way up the charts.

Key Lyrics: "It follows me around wherever I go / Just like a wake behind my ol’ bass boat / One minute I’m just hangin’ around / Next thing you know a damn party breaks out … I just can’t get away from a good time”

Did You Know?: Mize played football for the University of Southern Illinois before dropping out to pursue country music.

Listen to Logan Mize, ‘Can’t Get Away From a Good Time’