Logan Mize‘s video series Road to a Good Time takes fans behind the scenes to get to know the artist a little better. But in this fourth episode, Mize introduces us to someone else ... a "hot rod" he lovingly refers to as Glenn.

Who says money can't buy friendship? If you're a traveling musician, $500 can buy you a "hot rod" that can also double as a friend — and a place to sell CDs! Mize says the money he spent on Glenn was the "best $500 I ever spent in my life.”

Glenn is also pretty well decorated, thanks to Mize's tour sponsor. The sponsor has stickers on the car's hood and door that represent the singer's home state of Kansas.

“You know we have the Travel Kansas logos on the hood and sides," Mize explains in the video. "They’ve been my official tour sponsor for a couple years now and I’ve driven this thing to multiple shows and sold CDs out of the back of it.”

The best story about Glenn, though, is how he got his name. It seems that fate stepped in and helped Mize and his band pick the name.

“Glenn got his name one morning we were driving through somewhere Council Grove, Kansas and we were trying to come up names for the car and I threw the name Glenn out with two Ns," Mize explains. "Anyway, we got to a show in Manhattan, Kansas, we parked it in the street, walked into the venue and we were loading some guitars for the show that night and we came out and there was a music store that said Glenn’s Music ... and Glenn was parked right under the sign and Glenn had two Ns in it!"

Watch the fourth episode of Mize’s Road to a Good Time above. Expect three more episodes, with a new one debuting each week here on ToC. Mize will also perform at the Taste of Country Music Festival this June, playing songs from his Pawn Shop Guitar EP, which is now available.

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