Logan Mize is using his video series Road to a Good Time to open up to his fans, and in the latest episode, he's getting real about his hometown of Clearwater, Kansas.

In the first episode of this series, Mize discusses his route to music and how it all began. Now, he's talking about his upbringing and his quaint town of Clearwater, which helped to shape him not just as an artist, but also as an individual.

"So the little town I'm from in Kansas it's called Clearwater," Mize says from outside of a car, which displays a map of the area. "Everything I knew was in a couple of blocks radius — both sets of grandparents, all my cousins, aunts, uncles, my grandfather's grocery store ..."

Mize's grandfather's store was an important piece of Clearwater, and the singer gives a walkthrough in the clip. He says it was "the center of the town and everyone in my family worked there."

Family photos and videos then appear on the screen, showing Mize's family hard at work. "My dad runs the butcher shop. My sister runs the bakery," he explains. "I was around all my family all the time, and leaving was a little bit tough, you know, especially because they're all still there, but they definitely won't ever let me forget where I came from."

Watch the second episode of Mize’s Road to a Good Time series above. Expect five more episodes, with a new debuting one each week right here on Taste of Country. Mize will also perform at the Taste of Country Music Festival this June.