Songwriting is an art form, and every songwriter practices their skill differently. In Logan Mize‘s fifth episode of Road to a Good Time, the Kansas native discusses his take on songwriting in Nashville.

A relative newcomer, the singer hasn't been in Nashville for that long, but he's already learned an awful lot. He was quickly thrown into the songwriting process in Music City, which meant co-writes and brainstorming with other songwriters.

“Being in Nashville, you learn so much about the writing process real quick — getting thrown into co-writes and how it really works," Mize explains in the episode above.

Some of the people Mize writes with aren't musicians or even full-time writers. Instead, they hold typical 9 to 5 jobs and show up to co-write after. That is something the singer really respects, he says.

"A lot of the guys in town are 9 to 5ers that show up every day and write a song. I respect them so much for that," Mize gushes. "If I tried to do that I feel like my well would be completely bone dry, so I have to let it come to me a little bit and I tend to wait for it, which makes me a little bit slower. I enjoy the process of writing a lot more if I kind of be patient and wait for the song a little bit."

Watch Mize discuss writing new songs in his latest Road to a Good Time episode above. Expect more fun episodes to come, with a new one debuting each week here on ToC. Mize will also perform at the Taste of Country Music Festival this month.

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